In some of our videos, you will hear us talk about your true MOCO denim size, which is simply one size below your store size.  For example, if you are a 12 in stores, your true MOCO denim size is an 11.  If you are a 22w in stores, your true MOCO denim size is a 20w.  If sometimes you are a 6 in stores and sometimes you are an 8 in stores, your true MOCO denim size is right in the middle at a size 7.  Note: Depending on the pair of jeans, this may not be the size you purchase.

To make it easy for our customers, we develop specific size charts for each pair of jeans, which can be located in the description of the product and on the clickable size chart link located above the add to cart button.  The chart tells you what size to get based on your store size.

We fit check every single pair of jeans from our fit team of all shapes and body types from sizes 0-24w. They try on multiple sizes and keep them on for an extended time period, so we can offer accurate sizing advice.  As a result of our extensive fit process, we have a very low return rate that we pride ourselves on.  Our jeans do not sag as the day goes on if you follow our size charts.  Our sizing advice is super accurate and you can trust it!

If you have sizing questions, please email us at  We love to help our customers find a fit that love as much as we do!