Wax Melt Packs

Wax Melt Packs

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Happy Wax® scented wax melts are made with all-natural soy wax and essential oil-infused, phthalate-free fragrances. Approximate Wax Melt Bear Count: 2 oz Pouch - 16 Estimated Burn Time: 2 oz Pouch - 60 hours Soothe - Nourishing essence of botanical patchouli blends harmoniously with soft, creamy vanilla. Infused with patchouli and geranium essential oil Energize - a refreshing blend of spirited grapefruit lifted with hints of invigorating mint, zesty lime, and powerful lemon Focus - notes of bright, herbal rosemary blend with an uplifting medley of white eucalyptus, invigorating peppermint a touch of crisp spearmint. Infused with rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and spearmint essential oils Honeysuckle - invigorating aroma of white lily blossoms highlighted by touches of pure honeysuckle, white jasmine, tender grasses and a splash of honey nectar Coastal - a smooth sensation of island hibiscus and gleaming citrus, splashed with hints of lush papaya and salted guava amid pure tonka bean and windswept driftwood Lavender - Relaxing lavender is complemented by aromatic thyme and other garden herbs over a calming base of woods and a warming spice Vanilla - complex blend of luscious, rich vanilla and earthy Indian sandalwood Orchid - Luminous vanilla orchid, elegant bergamot and gleaming white musk sparkle over sheer hints of sandalwood and glowing amber Apple - full-bodied apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice Melon - A fresh, crisp blend of fruity honeydew melon, green cucumber, tart apples, and fresh greens Grapefruit - A succulent blend of tangy, ripe grapefruit and mangosteen—an exotic, citrusy fruit with a hint of rich peach flavor Mango - An enticing medley of sun-blushed mango, ripe papaya and golden guava infused with sun-kissed nectarine, juicy pineapple nectar Watermelon - Fragrances of fresh-cut honeydew, casaba melon, and a hint of ruby watermelon merry together with notes of garden mint and effervescent lime Latte - notes of creamy vanilla bean swirled with roasted coffee and delicious warm, frothy milk Caramel - blend of salted, buttery-sweet caramel, whole milk, and creamy vanilla bean, stirred with a splash of rich espresso Coffee - freshly toasted hazelnut, creamy vanilla, and rich coffee sweetened with brown sugared caramel Spearmint -combination of all-natural, airway-clearing eucalyptus and mood-boosting spearmint. Pumpkin -hints of ginger, saffron, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, nutmeg, clove, and allspice in these buttery, delicious-smelling treats. Balance - notes of warm, inviting sandalwood blended with notes of calming fresh rose. Infused with patchouli, cedarwood and cinnamon essential oils Refresh - Notes of invigorating lemongrass and cooling mint leaf blend with fragrances of fresh eucalyptus and green citrus Lemon - touch of sweetness, spunky lemon and floral verbena Cinnamon - Slightly sweet, a little spicy
This is the general MOCO size chart used for tops, cardigans, dresses, and bottoms (not denim). Please use this a guideline.
We always include sizing recommendations in our clothing descriptions for your convenience.


We know buying denim online can be scary, but we have an entire team of fit models (all shapes and sizes) who try on all of our denim before we launch it and give sizing recommendations.  We have less than a 1% return rate on denim. You will often read or hear us reference how to compute your denim size off of your true MOCO Denim Size.

Regular MOCO Denim Sizing:

Your true MOCO denim size can be computed like this: Take your even size in a department store and size down to the next odd size. This is your true size. For example, Morgan is a 14 regular in department stores and her true MOCO denim size is a 13. Ashley is a 12 in department stores and her true MOCO denim size is an 11. Nicole is a 10 in department stores and her true MOCO denim size is a 9.

Plus MOCO Denim Sizing:

Your true MOCO denim size can be computed by taking your even size in a department store and going down to the next size. That is your true MOCO denim size. For example, Kasey is a 16w in department stores and her true MOCO denim size is a 14w. If you are a 20w in department stores, your true MOCO denim size is an 18w. If you are in between sizes (meaning you can wear two sizes in department stores depending on the brand), go with your smaller size to be your true MOCO denim size.


If we tell you to stay true to size, stay with your true MOCO denim size. If we tell you to size down one size, size down one from you true MOCO denim size. For example, if we advise to size down one, Morgan gets an 11, Ashley gets a 9, Nicole gets a 7, Kasey gets a 14w. We might tell you to size down two sizes (we know that’s scary, please trust us!) or size up a size. Sizing up a size would mean that if your true size is an 11, you would get a 13.