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App and Payment Policies

App and Payment Policies

Product Details

Welcome to MOCO Boutique's App! We are SO glad you are here! Our business is comprised of primarily social selling, which means we sell on Facebook Live while also streaming live in this app! This gives you a unique shopping experience to ask questions about products and sizing and be given immediate feedback. The MOCO Boutique App will soon become your new favorite way to shop in a community of 60,000+ other women!

You also shop this app at anytime when we aren't live by scrolling through the tabs at the top of the app. Some items have fit videos (mostly denim), which are precorded videos that explain the fit and sizing of items. Those without videos have detailed descriptions, too!

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You can always remove items from your cart that you decide you don't want when shopping the app, unless you claim on a live sale, in which case, we don't allow passing. The reason for this is that our system holds inventory our for you when you claim so that everyone doesn't have to jump off the live sale and pay after each item as fast as they can. When you claim something, we ask that you commit to purchasing it, as it prevents others from getting new releases that they want. To claim, you will simply comment sold with the number, size, and color (if applicable) as listed in the header on the live feed. You will know that we are live because there will be a black bar at the top of the app screen that says we are live and a blinking red camera in the lower part of the app! Click one of those bars to join the live sale!

Your cart dumps four hours after you claim (sometimes sooner if indicated). Please don't cart hoard. If you are shopping the app and decide you don't want something, please drop it from your cart ASAP so others can claim.

You get free shipping at $150! Whoop! Taxes are applied based on your state. You can checkout via credit card, PayPal, or Sezzle.

Cancelling Orders:

We are only able to cancel orders prior to printing your label. After we have printed, we cannot intercept the package or make changes to your order because we would have to hope that a shipper recognizes your name in a stack of hundreds of labels.

If we read your email before your label is printed, we are happy to issue store credit for 100% of your purchase price or refund your card minus a 10% restocking fee if you want to cancel your order before we have printed. We pay these fees even after you cancel your order, which the reason for our restocking fee.

Be sure to read the rest of the sections for additional information about how to shop with us on various platforms!