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Restock! All Natural Block Soaps--NEW SCENTS!
or 4 interest-free payments of $2.50 with

Restock! All Natural Block Soaps--NEW SCENTS!
or 4 interest-free payments of $2.50 with

Product Details

RESTOCK! Our best selling all natural block soaps are back in NEW Scents! Our favorite self care product!

These moisturizing blocks of soap come in the best scents and made to soothe dry skin. These are made from all natural ingredients including essential oils and are free of harsh chemicals. These soaps are huge and will last a long time! They come in amazing scents and make the perfect gift!

JASMINE- This Jasmine Mosaic Bar is scented with romantic notes of jasmine.

COFFEE- the artisan coffee helps soothe dry, irritated skin often associated with eczema and minimize the look of fine lines

VANILLA- made with skin and hair nourishing oils as well as a Dead Sea salt.

INDIGO- notes of gardenia, tinted with natural indigo providing astringent properties.

OATMEAL- Nature's best combination, oats and almond milk!

COCOA- Made with cocoa butter which is known to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, as well as brighten dull and irritated skin.

CRANBERRY- cranberry and mint scented and enriched with skin-loving oils, butters and coconut milk, this bar is formulated to soothe, refresh and hydrate.

LAVENDER- lavender and rosemary come together with coconut, castor and sustainable palm oils

CHARCOAL- charcoal and anise, perfect for oily skin with added cleansing properties from the activated charcoal

SEA - Naturally rich in essential minerals, this unique soap has Dead Sea black mud at its core. Embedded Moroccan argan oil adds an additional element of luxury. Argan is high in essential fatty acids and known to revitalize dry, dull skin.

CLAY - Moroccan red clay is a versatile cleansing agent improves the look of dry skin while removing excess oil. It is also known to help improve skin’s elasticity, firmness and texture. With the addition of coconut milk, your lavish bathing experience is complete. Ideal for all skin types.

PURPLE - Rich in magnesium, the outstanding purple clay helps promote the cell maintenance - essential for providing a younger appearance of the skin. For an added bonus, purple clay also helps protect against the adsorption of impurities while the conditioning properties of the mango butter in this bar aid in the appearance of healthy glowing skin.

SALT - Himalayan salt helps maintain skin’s natural oil balance, cleaning and drawing out impurities while warm water opens your pores to absorb the benefits. This amazing ingredient is also known to improve moisture, elasticity and softness, and may even reduce the appearance of fine lines and cellulite.

AVACADO - Avocado oil is rich in proteins and nutrients that help soothe and moisturize skin. Vitamins A, D and E, as well as lecithin and potassium – “the youth mineral” – also work to repair dehydrated, rough and itchy skin while reducing the appearance of inflammation. Ideal for normal to dry skin.

Chamomile - A natural cleansing and moisturizing soap, this formulation is good for all skin types – including a baby's tender skin. Steeped chamomile and calendula petals and olive oil help calm the appearance of red, itchy skin that may be attributed to dryness.

Citrus - Citrus and comfrey stimulate the senses while adding luster to dull, dry, mature and sun-damaged skin. As an added luxury, wheat germ oil completes this formulation with a high dose of Vitamin E. Ideal for all skin types.

Tea Tree - This lightly exfoliating blend is textured with ground orange zest and poppy seeds. It is an excellent cleanser for gardeners’ soiled hands, or for those who simply love a refreshing and invigorating bathing experience.