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Bath Blaster- 14 Colors!
or 4 interest-free payments of $1.75 with

Bath Blaster- 14 Colors!
or 4 interest-free payments of $1.75 with

Product Details

Drop your Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster in to a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water. Available in a variety of scents, these Bath Blasters are a bathroom essential!

"Get Elfy" - Filled with scents of honey and soaked in sweet orange and cinnamon essential oils, your energy will be restored!

"Chilly Willy" - Filled with a warming, satisfying Cinnamon fragrance - this Bath Blaster is perfect for those cold winter nights!

"Snow Good" - Snow Good Bath Blaster - Find yourself walking through a winter wonderland as snowflakes of pure essential oils float down and swirl into the natural butters creating an avalanche of pure serenity.

"Tis' the Season" - So this is Christmas and this bath blaster is the gift that keeps on giving! Luxuriate in scents such as Sandalwood and Bergamot. Let the combination cocoa and shea butter soften and moisturize your skin.

"Ice Breaker" - Our buttery bear will break the ice to ease you into a relaxed state of mind and prepare you for the winter days ahead. Let the pure Vetiver and Frankincense essential oils melt into a warming blend that'll restore and purify. Place your Bath Mallow in warm water and watch as it fizzes softly, melting and releasing its Cocoa Butter. Please rinse petals or decorations away from bath immediately after use to prevent accidental staining.

"All I Want for Christmas Is U-nicorn" - Awaken your Christmas spirit! Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is U-nicorn! Soaked with pure Neroli and Mandarin essential oils to spread the Christmas magic.

"Let It Snow" - Let it snow, let it fizzle, let it moisturize your skin! This Bath Blaster is for the bath, not for building snowmen. Enjoy the scent of Peppermint essential oils combined with the natural, soothing scents of cocoa and shea butter.

"Pick Up A Penguin" - Feeling frosty? Our festive friend will melt your heart and soften your skin with his ice cap of natural butters! And bringing pure Peppermint & Spearmint essential oils and a hint of glitter to dazzle the senses.

"Mermazing" - Flip your fins and splash your way through the shimmering and sparkling raspberry and mandarin fragranced sea! Let the creamy cocoa and shea butter soften your skin and the mandarin & ylang ylang essential oils uplift your soul! This bath will leave you feeling Mermazing.

"Bear With Me" - Bear with me whilst I pop this Bomb in the tub! Pure May Chang and Geranium essential oils are released into the atmosphere as the bath bomb floats and fizzes, turning the waters a lustrous lilac. Let the creamy butters hug your skin, as this gentle bear soothes you after a busy day.

"Shiver Me Timbers" - Ahoy, mateys! Dive deep into the blue depths of your bath as the mandarin and may chang essential oils are released into the water and onto your skin, washing away any fatigue! So sit back and soak under the glistening mica treasures

"Over the Rainbow" - Pop this Blaster in your bath and prepare for a euphoric experience! Watch as a tranquil turquoise colour spreads across your bath, uplifting everything in its path! With rays of mood-boosting jasmine and energising clary sage being released into the water to send any stresses to another plane!

"Mermaid for Each Other" - Watch as this Bath Bomb swims around your tub, fizzing and dancing away, releasing its Eucalyptus & Lemon essential oils designed to sing to your soul and energise your spirit! Turning the water into the deep blue sea, with a mystical oceanic fragrance filling the air!

"You Had Me At Hola" - This apeeling bomb has a vibrant, fruity fragrance of peach schnapps, sweet orange and mango! With a natural buttery swirl made from Cocoa and Shea butter to pack in the moisture and to ensure that your skin is left silky soft!

100% handmade. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Rinse bath well after use.